And we have PhotoBulk 2.0 for you: more batch image editing conveniences

We have just released PhotoBulk for Mac, version 2.0. This image editor is capable of handling tons of images at a time and lets you add watermarks, optimize and resize images, convert images to different formats and rename hundreds of pictures. All in a couple of effortless clicks. New version also features useful options added to the stack of previous version, read on to see what we have prepared for you. We believe that PhotoBulk can save you a lot of time and effort with image editing tasks.

What’s new in PhotoBulk v2.0:

New Visual Experience: the sleek dark interface helps you concentrate and handle the editing process even more efficiently;
Live Editing: now you can preview images before saving, rotate and resize watermark seeing the result in real time;
Multi-watermarking: you can add multiple watermarks of different types to a photo at once, which helps you personalize your work for the utmost protection;
– Image Metadata: select the metadata to be included in the resulting images.

And of course general improvements all over!

If you have already worked with PhotoBulk you’ll surely find it is evolving with each release, and if you are going to try it for the first time, we are sure you’ll appreciate how intuitive and efficient the app is.

You can get PhotoBulk from the or 
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