Exchange messages with your customers via new HelpWire Chat!

We are happy to announce that HelpWire has become even more convenient thanks to its new outstanding feature – integrated online chat.

Now, our unique solution provides the ability to communicate securely via HelpWire Chat, which considerably improves the quality of technical service and gives an undoubted advantage over competitors!

HelpWire has proved to be an efficient tool that allows engineers to run remote device diagnostics and control any USB and serial equipment from remote locations. The software works over the Internet and makes it possible for technical specialists to access remote client devices as though they were physically attached to the specialist’s machine.

With the new integrated communications chat,
tech support operators can:

  • exchange messages with clients in real time;
  • deliver comprehensive technical assistance;
  • and provide fast responses to customer issues.

HelpWire is a unique custom solution designed to help businesses improve their efficiency and drive customer satisfaction.