Folx was named No. 1 of torrent clients for Mac!

The sourcelisted their rating of the best torrent clients for Mac based on their testing.

Have a look at the best of the best list:

Folx is very easy to use with the most optimal features. With Folx you can do whatever you need to without being overwhelmed with unnecessary stuff. You can create and download torrents, schedule your downloads and prioritize them, set up the limits for download and upload speed. No worries, Folx supports various options, it can download via magnet links and search through multiple torrent trackers at a time without even leaving the app in PRO version. It is really easy to manage your downloaded content with Folx by assigning tags to files according to a criteria set by you. PRO version also supports automatic adding of downloaded music and videos to iTunes playlists in accordance with assigned tags.


Transmission is another great choice for torrent downloading. This torrent client is free to download and native to Mac. It has a really cool web server feature that will let you access Transmission when you are at a remote location.


Vuze is also easily one of the best torrent clients for Mac and is also extremely popular across several platforms. Vuze is rich with features and has a ton of configuration options that uTorrent doesn’t offer.


A really great option among Mac OS X torrent clients. It is pretty fast and offers the same functionality as uTorrent. It supports tasks prioritization, remote access and control, a built-in media player, etc.


This is of course one of the most popular Bittorrent downloaders across multiple platforms. Unfortunately a lot of reports surfaced warning that uTorrent is becoming unsafe with more recent updates. But you can still find older streamlined, lightweight versions that don’t weigh down the performance and downloading speed.

As a Summary
uTorrent is undoubtedly the most popular client. However there are really worthy alternatives for Mac OS X that are stable, fast, and reliable. Plus some of them offer features that uTorrent lacks. It is up to you to find the best match for you and your downloads.