Helpful Elmedia Keyboard Shortcuts for macOS

is one of those essential apps you should have on your computer. This free Mac app supports pretty much all file types you may think of.

While many users already have it on their computers, few actually look into its possibilities beyond just playing videos. Even with a friendly interface it offers there is still a point in navigating through your media with keyboard shortcuts. Let’s talk about the most interesting Elmedia keyboard shortcuts.

Frame by frame

Elmedia is a great frame-by-frame video player that can play a video one frame at a time for as long as you need. You are fully in control of the frames and can move forward slowly so you don’t miss a thing. Here is how you can view video frame by frame on Mac:
1. Start a video by clicking the Play button in Elmedia Player. Then click Pause.
2. Now start clicking the right arrow on the keyboard to go one frame at a time.


You can bookmark your favorite parts of video or audio files in order to find them easily in the future. Creating a bookmark is easy: just press ⌘P whenever needed. Use the context menu to access your bookmarks or in main menu of the player: Playback->Bookmarks.

Looping the video continuously

You can loop any part of a video that you need to be playing non-stop. To create an A-B Loop do the following:
1. Start playing the video in Elmedia Player.
2. Use ⇧⌘B to set the starting point.
3. Use ⇧⌘E to set the ending point.
4. To cancel the loop use ⇧⌘C.

Change the speed of a video

You can make a video play slower or faster if needed with the help of the keyboard combination – ⌘] to make it faster, and ⌘[ to decrease speed. For the speed of sound use ⇧⌘] and Audio will go faster, and use ⇧⌘[ for it to go slower.

Open playlist separately

You can also call a separate window for your playlist. Use the ⌘L combo to show/hide playlist.

Make a screenshot from video

It is really easy to capture screenshots of various moments in the movie. Start the playback and press ⌃⌘S. Screenshots can be saved as .tiff, jpg, .png, or .gif.

Switching subtitles

If a video you are watching has subtitles available in different languages there is no need to go to the menu to switch them. Simply use the S key. In case there is some out-of-sync issues for subtitles you can use ⌃⌘] to increase subtitle delay, or ⌃⌘[ to decrease it, or ⌃⌘\ to reset any delays.

Open Online video

One of the most asked for key combination is Open Online Video. If there is a video you’d like to open and watch in player, simply click ⌘U to call the window where you can paste online video link and start watching it.