Meet new USB Network Gate for Linux!

Eltima Software is happy to announce USB Network Gate update! USB Network Gate helps you share and access any USB device over Internet or LAN. In version 3.6 we added some new features and improved already existing ones.

So here is what’s new in USB Network Gate 3.6 for Linux:

First of all new features:

  1. both eveusbsh and eveusbc utilities are now included in the OEM evaluation kit;
  2. FreeRDP plugins are now available for FreeRDP 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 and come with a dedicated installation package for each version. They also support traffic compression and encryption.

Secondly, we improved sharing of USB port with no device in it. Also USB Network Gate now detects problems with server connection way better.

And some fixes, which we believe to be very important too:

  • problems with USB 3.0 devices shared from Linux to Windows;
  • module compilation issues on new kernels;
  • a daemon startup bug on Ubuntu 14.10;
  • Android 5.X binary incompatibilities;
  • missing on new Linux devices;
  • incompatibilities with Rockwell Automation and Omron PLCs;
  • video from shared webcams not being captured in guvcview;
  • the FreeRDP static plugin trying to reconnect to the daemon when it isn’t available.

The full list of enhancements and new features is available.

Feel free toif you’ve got any questions.