Meet our new Cargo VPN – the secure VPN proxy for the most private access to Internet

offers so much needed protection and anonymity on the Internet, by blocking away various malicious websites, pop-up ads, and hackers with its DNS Firewall.

Cargo VPN Features:

*You have the possibility to prevent monitoring tools from seeing your IP address, location and online identity.
*Even if you are using unsecured public wireless networks, you can still keep your data safe with Cargo VPN.
*Access geo-blocked websites easily.
*Prevent government surveillance and monitoring services from watching your online activity, location, and communications.
*Your login details, account numbers, billing address, etc. are protected when accessing web through VPN.
*You can actually get some savings on airfares, accommodation, rental cars by setting up different geographical locations in VPN.
*Enjoy the consistently good coverage with over 70 VPN server locations and more than 1000 high-speed servers in various countries.
*Forget about malicious sites and popping ads.
*Enjoy torrents anonymously.
*Cargo VPN offers protection on Mac OS and iOS devices. You can use the app on up to 5 devices within one account.

Top off your security:

* Get your own Static IP address.
* Get a higher speed and protection with Personal Server.
* Add more devices.