Meet Uplet v1.3 with long awaited Multiaccount for Instagram!

Uplet has been on a market for more than a year already and has proven itself as indispensable and reliable utility. Lots of you use the app on a daily basis to post your high-resolution images to Instagram. However, Uplet is not only a handy app for online social life, but also a powerful tool for Social Media Marketing.

It is not a secret that many businesses have Instagram pages with all their products listed, and they update their profiles daily. But, behind these accounts, there are real people, who also have their own Instagram profiles, and sometimes it is a real headache to re-login from one account to another, to post new photos from your Mac. And imagine a user responsible for several business-accounts, which he should update few times a day – poor guy.

Actually, it was this way until today. Uplet 1.3 brings long awaited feature, which allows to login several accounts simultaneously. You can switch between them in one click and keep as many accounts signed into a single Uplet instance as you need.

To login another account, just click on your profile icon and press “Add an Account”. Login to your second profile and you will see it added to the same menu.

Each new version extends Uplet capabilities to a whole new level. First video posting, now multi account, curious what is next? Subscribe to our social networks and stay tuned!

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