Swordbox – keep your passwords secure.

Hello everyone!

Today we are happy to announce new project we are enthusiastically working on –. We are working on this awesome and easy password manager to help you keep your personal data secure, properly stored, and easily accessible from all your devices. We think Swordbox is going to be the most reliable method to organize and manage login details.

New password manager

With Swordbox you can be sure that passwords are safe, because its database is sophisticated and encrypted and nobody but you has access to your information. Only you have a master key to access the data and two-step verification prevents illegal connection attempts. Swordbox stores information on secure and trusted Dropbox servers and locks the database after certain inactivity period. This all makes information leak a myth.

Moreover, Swordbox is a multi-platform application, supporting Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android operating systems. This means that you can keep all your devices in sync with a single password database.

We can assure you that Swordbox is a long-term project that will be supported and constantly improved in future. We are already planning to extend its functionality by adding other cloud services to store your passwords, e.g.: One Drive, Google Drive, and our own online servers.

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