USB Network Gate 4.0 for Linux is released

We are happy to announce the release of the updated, your must-have tool for sharing and accessing remote USB ports over network.

Version 4.0 contains a number of updates and improvements, the major one being a completely revamped kernel module for both server and client. The module now works with the latest kernel versions (up to 4.4) making it even easier to interact with remote USB ports and devices connected to them.

Rewriting the kernel module from scratch enhances the performance and stability of the software. It also results in much better functioning of the following devices:

  •       BULK
  •       ISO
  •       USB 3.0

You canthe updated software here. Should you have any questions and queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

USB Network Gate is a tool that enables shared access to USB ports over network – IP/ LAN/ WAN/ VLAN/ VPN/ Internet. You can use the software to reach USB ports in virtual environment and blade servers, as well as over Remote Desktop Protocol. The application offers additional functionality such as per-session USB device isolation.

USB Network Gate is one of the most popular applications developed by Eltima Software. The company constantly works on improving their product range using the latest technologies.