USB Network Gate 7.0 with per-session isolation and Windows 10 support

Eltima Software is delighted to introduce USB Network Gate 7.0 for Windows. This versatile tool enables accessing remote USB devices over network. No matter where these devices physically are – in the next cubicle, at home a couple of blocks away or across the globe – you can access and manage their contents and functionality as if they were physically plugged into your computer.

USB Network Gate boasts new features to share devices over network:

  1. Per-session USB isolation – your devices are not accessible and visible to other users.
  2. ICA protocol by Citrix support.
  3. Windows 10 support.

There is a significant improvement to already existing functionality:

  • You can disconnect other users from a device provided you specified it when sharing.
  • You can add a USB device address and icon in GUI to make it easier to distinguish between similar devices.
  • There is one more way to compress data for transferring.

The full list of enhancements and new features is available.

Those who purchased USB Network Gate 6.x after November 10th, 2015 or own Lifetime Upgrades Guarantee can upgrade to the latest version for free. If you have any other previous version of the application, you can get a 50% discount to upgrade.
Feel free toif you’ve got any questions.