Why Mac users love Folx 5 download manager (And you should, Too!)

Folx is leading the way for Apple Macintosh computer users with a versatile download manager that combines all the functions a heavy downloader would want. This is according to a review recently conducted byafter testing Folx for over two months. This didn’t come as a surprise owing to the fact that Folx was named No. 1 of torrent clients for Mac by early this year. The latest Folx 5 took both the capability and user experience to the next level thereby making Folx the ultimate download manager. The review by Aptgadget focused on the features, pricing, and support policy for Folx 5. Let me walk you through the review point by point.


The review highlighted the fact that Folx is two software programs in one, that is Folx is a bitand at the same time a download manager. This is unlike the other download managers. In Eltima’s tradition of improving it’s software’s user experience, Folx was given a new Mac style user interface making it much easier to use. Did I mention Folx’s ability to split downloads into threads? It was also mentioned in the review and this feature makes Folx download files faster than other download managers. With Folx, you don’t need to worry about interruption while downloading large files because of the Resume feature of Folx. Other features mentioned include the ability to tag files for better sorting and download management, scheduling downloads, smart speed adjustment, and bandwidth allocation among different file operations. Nonetheless, most of these nice features are available only in the Pro version.

About the price of Folx Pro, Aptgadget considers the price $19.95 reasonable for a quality download manager like Folx. They also mentioned the Lifetime upgrade guarantee offer for Folx Pro users but gave a sketchy explanation of its benefits. The Lifetime Upgrade Guarantee is a one-time payment of $9,95, which guarantees that you get any future update of Folx free of any additional charges. Isn’t that cost effective in the long run? I bet it is.

Support Policy
Talking about Folx support, the review rightly quoted that customer ticket can be opened by sending a quick email to Folx support specialists. However, it failed also to mention the live chat support on Folx official web page. The live chat support team answers any quick and simple question about Folx and as well provide product review in real time during our business hours. It accurately cited that support via email might take between 8-16 business hours but went further to say that generally speaking for Folx, you will likely never need support.

In conclusion, the review called Folx a perfect tool for those who download massive amounts of data from various sources.